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Why the DeltaPValve?

How it Works

Ability to Maintain ± 0.1° LAT
Leaving air temperature from the coil must be maintained within a tight tolerance in order to maintain system stability and achieve design or better ΔT.
Individually Tested and Factory Calibrated
Valves tested to ensure full shutoff and pressure independent performance within specifications.
Pressure Independent Control
Increases system stability, and thus system efficiency, by eliminating flow variation due to pressure fluctuations in the system.
Industrial Quality Design
Debris resistant design due to high spring force, large diaphragm surface area, and large passageways throughout the valve. Internal valve design is reliant on tight tolerances, dynamic spring forces and area-ratios, all playing an equally important role in valve performance and long term reliability. Stainless steel and brass internal components ensure reliability throughout a 30+ year life cycle.
Field Verifiable Performance
Inlet, intermediate, and outlet P/T ports are vital to verify pressure independent operation, validate flow rates, confirm valve shutoff, and troubleshoot system issues.
100:1 Turndown
The ability to control flow throughout the full range of the control valve. 90% of valve operation is spent below 50% open and therefore it is vital to ensure accurate control at low flow.
Full System Compatibility
Flow ranges of 0.5-5500 GPM allows precision control throughout the entire hydronic system.
We stand by our product

10-Year Warranty

All ½” - 8” DeltaPValves are covered by a 10-year warranty. We disagree with short-term solutions, and are confident in the quality and performance of the DeltaPValve®.

“Flow Control Industries, Inc. warrants its pressure independent valves to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 10 years from the shipment to the original purchaser, assuming proper installation, proper maintenance, normal operating conditions, and competent supervision.”

Delta T Guarantee

We guarantee that our valves will meet or exceed design performance, or the valves are free. We are the only valve on the market that guarantees ΔT performance.

“Flow Control Industries, Inc. (FCI) guarantees that heating and cooling coils with the DeltaPValve® will meet or exceed maximum load design delta T performance at all load conditions as projected by ARI certified coil data.”