New Whitepaper: Pumping Configurations and DeltaPValve® Savings

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Pump energy can be a large cost for chilled water systems. System configurations have evolved over the years in an attempt to save energy and increase performance. In our latest whitepaper – written by Flow Control’s Jeff Creighton, Chris Reed, and Nathan Johnson – several different system configurations were modeled to predict the electrical cost and savings comparison of chilled water pumps. Additionally, typical control valves are compared to pressure independent DeltaPValves that are proven to increase delta T, decrease flow, and decrease pumping demands.

Here is a sample of the whitepaper. Click below for the full read.


Pumping Configurations and DeltaPValve® Savings

In order to investigate pump energy savings from different pumping configurations and delta T (∆T) performance criteria, a generic campus system serving four buildings was created and evaluated using Pipe-Flo hydraulic modeling software. The total building cooling coil capacity is 1,000 tons, with an actual diversified campus peak load of 800 tons. The central plant contains two 400 ton chillers to meet the design load for this analysis. Three different system pumping configurations were analyzed: a constant speed primary system, primary-secondary system with constant speed primary pumps and variable speed secondary pumps, and a variable speed primary system.

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