Providing a Better Traveler Experience at Portland International Airport


Flow Control Industries is teaming up with Air Reps to exhibit at the Northwest Facilities Expo in Portland today, which makes this a perfect time to formally introduce our latest case study: Portland International Airport.

Jeff Creighton (Director of Engineering at Flow Control) and Alicia Clarke (Director of Marketing at Flow Control) drove down to Portland in late 2016 to meet with the Port of Portland’s Facilities Engineer, Bruce Fellows. Bruce helped implement the very first DeltaPValve® at the Portland International Airport back in the early 90’s, when Flow Control was just introducing the first pressure independent control valve to hit the market.


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The facilities managers were most concerned with valve rangeability and controllability, so after learning that DeltaPValves have 100:1 turndown and the ability to control flow throughout the full range of the valve, they agreed to test it out. After installing just one DeltaPValve to compare to a typical modulating two-way control valve, they saw great merit and were impressed by rangeability. Based on the flow measurements taken from that one DeltaPValve®, PDX committed in 1998 to using DeltaPValves exclusively.


Read on to learn more about how DeltaPValves have been a key strategy for the past 25 years at Portland International Airport – ensuring their systems continue to provide stable and reliable operation behind the scenes, essential for providing the best traveler experience.


“DeltaPValves are very effective. With so many other issues to deal with on a day to day basis – this is one we shouldn’t have to worry about, and with DeltaPValves, we don’t.”

– Bruce Fellows, Facilities Engineer @ Port of Portland

Portland International Airport Case Study


Alicia Clarke

Director of Marketing @ Flow Control Industries


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