New service video: Reseting Actuator Stroke Using DeltaPValve® Flow Tag

Published on Author fci

Here at FCI, we’re all about simplifying your HVAC solution. Our “set it and forget it” system solution frees up maintenance teams to focus on preventative maintenance and other issues, rather than taking hot and cold calls all day.


That’s why, when issues do arise, we want to help users pinpoint and troubleshoot as smoothly as possible. Our customer service team is always available to help via phone or email, but this year we wanted to take our approach to customer support to the next level. We created a series of instruction videos to help your team quickly service valves on-site. This series is intended to take you visually step-by-step through the service instructions, eliminating frustration and time wasted.


We have 8 videos in the series so far, and just recently published our latest video. This one and a half minute video shows, in detail, how to reset the actuator stroke using the DeltaPValve® flow tag.

If you have suggestions for future videos, please leave us a comment!

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