Introducing the DeltaP SmartValve

Flow Control Industries is excited to announce the launch of the new DeltaP SmartValve!


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Combining the precision control performance of a pressure independent DeltaPValve® with additional instrumentation to provide submetering capability, the new DeltaP SmartValve is purpose-built for comfort system optimization.

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The patented technology of the DeltaP SmartValve allows it to provide real-time measurements of flow, differential temperature, differential pressure and calculated BTUs, while also acting as a precision control valve. The DeltaP SmartValve delivers industry-best performance in efficiency and reliability, with easy access to energy, flow, temperature and pressure metrics transmitted over a BACnet interface.

So what makes the DeltaP SmartValve different?

  • Hardware
    • Pressure Independent Control
    • Guaranteed Delta T
    • 10-year DeltaPValve® Warranty
    • 100:1 Control Turndown
  • Monitoring
    • 7 Output Variables
    • Flow Rate
    • Supply & Return Water Temperature
    • DeltaPValve® Inlet, Intermediate & Outlet Pressure
    • Calculated Thermal Energy
    • Continuous Troubleshooting and Reporting of Coil Performance
    • Communication via BACnet over TCP/IP

What could this mean for you and your system?

See how to DeltaP SmartValve has helped other campuses save energy, reduce maintenance costs, deliver better comfort, and increase system capacity.

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