The 1½” (40mm) LDP DeltaPValve is Now Available!

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1½” (40mm) LDP DeltaPValve
1½” (40mm) LDP DeltaPValve

We have been eagerly awaiting the release of our latest DeltaPValve, the 1½” (40mm) LDP. It is perfectly sized to serve small AHU coils and large FCUs with maximum flow rates at 40 & 50 GPM (2.52 & 3.15 LPS).

It brings a higher turndown to this flow range and will deliver the same great precision control with our standard delta T guarantee and 10-year warranty, all at a lower cost.

All common actuator options are available to complete the assembly, including electronic fail-in-place, fail-safe and NEMA 4.

Download the latest product catalog for the full specification sheet and updated flow table to see the full range of DeltaPValve sizes.

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