DeltaP SmartValve

Protect your investment by guaranteeing system performance.

What makes our solution

As an industry pioneer, Flow Control Industries was the first to create the patented design, development and application of pressure independent control valves with the DeltaPValve®. Built on this foundation, the DeltaP SmartValve combines the unparalleled precision control of the DeltaPValve® with advanced instrumentation for accurate data reporting and troubleshooting capability – all in an accessible format for easy integration.

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DeltaP SmartValve Sensors

Rotation Sensor

  • ± 0.1° rotation accuracy
  • Unique flow data from factory test
  • Calibrated on NIST traceable test stand
  • Remote mounted

FCI Advantage:

  • Allows SmartValve to provide accurate flow information
  • No calibration required
  • Not exposed to fluid, no wear

Pressure Sensors

  • Utilizes existing inlet, intermediate & outlet P/T ports
  • 0-150 PSI range
  • ±0.25% FS Accuracy
  • Remote mounted

FCI Advantage:

  • Confirm system pressures, pressure independent operation & shutoff
  • Provide feedback for pump control
  • Develop real-time system pressure gradient

Temperature Sensors

  • Supply and return water temp sensors
  • 1/10 DIN 100 Ω RTD (± 0.03° C, ± 0.05° F)
  • ¼” dia x 6” with ½” NPT thermowells

FCI Advantage:

  • Immediate feedback on coil performance
  • Simple performance targets for evaluation
  • Troubleshooting

DeltaP SmartValve Spec Sheet

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