10-Year Warranty

Introducing the DeltaPValve® 10-year warranty! Beginning 2015, all 1/2” - 8” DeltaPValves will be covered by a 10-year warranty. We always put quality first. We disagree with short-term solutions, and we are confident in the quality and performance of the DeltaPValve®. We have experienced less than 1% valve failure for all customers, and we’re ready to prove how the DeltaPValve® delivers a lower total cost of ownership than any other control valve on the market.

Precision Control

Precise flow control at chilled and heating water coils is the only way to achieve the system stability required to maximize installed production and distribution infrastructure while minimizing system energy consumption. No other manufacturer approaches hydronic system optimization with the breadth of experience and system expertise of Flow Control Industries.

Energy Savings

The DeltaPValve® uses far less energy by increasing system stability. In fact, it can reduce energy consumption in heating and cooling systems by nearly 40%. This could eliminate the need to build dozens of new power plants. As one of the highest quality control valves on the market, the DeltaPValve® allows HVAC hydronic systems to perform better than expected. This translates to saving millions of dollars in operating costs and eliminates needless environmental waste.

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Watch The DeltaPValve® In Action

Why High-Performance DeltaPValves?

DeltaPValve® vs. Traditional Globe Valve

Industry Leader and Experience

Flow Control Industries, Inc. (FCI) is the industry pioneer in using pressure independent control to optimize HVAC hydronic system performance. The patented design, development and application of the pressure independent DeltaPValve® revolutionizes heating and chilled water system design, operation and efficiency.

Customers are our Best Sales People

The DeltaPValves are installed throughout the world in numerous buildings and various vertical markets. We invite you to take a look at some of our featured projects.

The DeltaPValve® offers the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Using the DeltaPValve® to design and operate HVAC systems, improves current expectations for energy and financial performance. The DeltaPValve® simply delivers a lower total cost of ownership than any other flow control product on the market and its benefits continue throughout the life of a system.

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